Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well if there is something I know I *can* do - its shop!

I have finally discovered the beauty and fabulousness that is Goodwill :) Now, don't get me wrong, I have always like thrift shopping, but I have to go in looking for something specific in order to not get overwhelmed. Plus, I have always been so good at shopping at places like Ross and TJ Maxx, that I've found that the sale prices there aren't really much more than the regular prices at GW.

Until now. Goldmine of Goodwill? Baby clothes! My god. New, barely used clothes for practically nothing!! Traci and I braved the mother ship - the Goodwill Outlet in Sellwood, where everything is unsorted in bins, and sold by the pound!!

This is what 16.5 pounds of baby clothes looks like! For $22! Traci turned out to be REALLY good at this, it took a while to get her warmed up to the concept, but once she was going, we went through every bin!

I am on load 3 of washing, pressing and sorting right now. We wern't picky as to whether it was girl/boy/non-gender specific, so I am sorting in those bins as I go. I'm leaving out the non-gender stuff, and will put away whatever I don't need for next time, or for my SIL Kate who is (hopefully) going to have another one soon!

My MIL warned me that I shouldn't buy too many clothes or else people won't be able to buy anything for the baby. I assured her that there are never too many clothes, and if I have to change outfits every hour, it will be done in the name of fashion :) Poor kid.


Blogger amberlee said...

Nice shopping, but I call party fowl on this, what are you doing covering your belly with the computer?!?!

11/10/2009 12:05:00 PM  

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